How it Works – The Basics

Join It

Choose your membership plan – Occasional, Regular, or Corporate. It’s up to you based on your driving needs.

Book It

Log in and book it for however long you need. Or, phone our 24/7 booking hotline if you’re not near a computer. We are flexible like that!

Drive It

Pick up your car at its reserved parking spot, make your trip, and return it to its spot when you’re done. (Yes, it is that easy)

Dig It

Tell your friends about how easy, convenient, and cost-effective it is to use CarShare, and help us grow! (and get yourself a driving credit)

Don’t Take our Word for it!

“Community CarShare completely changed the way I view car ownership and the ‘necessity’ of having a personal vehicle. I gave up my car a year ago and haven’t looked back!”

AshleyCommunity CarShare Member

“A swanky minivan for the cost of less than a rental car for the entire day on the day my car was in for service. Thanks to community car share we can stay an urban one-car family even with three adults and four kids in our household!”

MariaCommunity CarShare Member

“I have nothing but great experiences with CCS. When I have an issue, they fix it, when I need a car they’re there, well-maintained and ready to go. If you don’t have a car, or perhaps can’t quite rationalize a second vehicle, it’s the best choice. Even if you just need the occasional bigger vehicle, they have a pick-up truck!

They move me, help me help others, and make life simple.

Thank you CCS!”

Cameron StevensCommunity CarShare Member

“The team at Community CarShare was extremely helpful in explaining the process and in helping me choose the membership type that was right for me. Becoming a member took a total of 15 minutes, and the process was both easy and enjoyable. Additionally, after taking part in a promotional offer, receiving a referral credit, and a getting a discount on my SoBi membership, the already very-affordable membership got even better.”

Kate WhalenSustainability Professional and Engaged Citizen

Very happy and grateful for all the hard work the founders and members have put into this co-op to make it a reality. It provided a very important service for me at a time when I really needed a flexible transportation option and could not afford a car. While I won’t be a member any longer, I still look forward to seeing the organization grow, and spread its values of cooperation and sustainability across Southern Ontario in the years to come. Congratulations to the staff, board members, and everyone who helped to build and maintain this organization for making it happen. All the best, and well done!”

ChristienCommunity CarShare Member

“I have enjoyed being a member.  Community Carshare really helped me out when I was in Guelph.  I would recommend your program to anybody and I have. Thanks!”

JohnCommunity CarShare Member

“Community CarShare provides an excellent service to its communities. It’s easy to book a car online whenever you want it, cars are well-maintained, staff are friendly and helpful, and any occasional issues with cars are remedied quickly. Best of all, I save money by not paying insurance on my own car year-round, and the cost I pay per usage for CarShare encourages me to walk or bus on short trips where I might be tempted to drive to justify my insurance costs if I owned a car. That lifestyle choice in turn contributes to lower costs and better health for me, and a smaller carbon footprint. Proud to be a member of Community CarShare.”

Julie ArmesCurrent Member

“Excellent service and a wonderful part of the Hamilton community. I will continue to recommend CarShare regularly, and I will definitely consider returning when my circumstances change again.”

AlisonCommunity CarShare Member

I loved the car share while I used it and found it very easy to use, and everyone who works there was great to work with. Thank you again 🙂

JessicaCommunity CarShare Member

“You are an amazing team! It’s been a fantastic experience! Thank you!”

JustineCommunity CarShare Member

Thank you very much for your work! It was really great to be a member of CCS! I think some friends are now also members or will soon be… Greets”

AdrienCommunity CarShare Member

Thanks for offering a great service! I grudgingly had to buy a car due to split shifts/non traditional work hours, but I hope one day I can be back in a position where car ownership isn’t necessary and I can come back to car sharing to fill in those gaps!”

NatashaCommunity CarShare Member

“Love being a member its has helped me in so many ways. Including a healthy deduction on my car insurance!”

CherylCommunity CarShare Member

“We have done away with our car in 2015 and never looked back. Having three kinds of cars
on hand at Bread & Roses in Kitchener is wonderful! Even we tall people fit. They’re in great shape and drive well. It’s like having you’re own car when you need it.”

EllenCommunity CarShare Member

The Cornerstones for Cooperative CarSharing

The amazing thing about the carsharing industry is it part of a shared economy. We all benefit when things run smoothly and we are also all affected when members do not follow the rules. Here’s 5 simple cornerstones for effective and efficient carsharing!

Fuel Up

Gas is included so there is no reason not to! Always make sure there is at least 1/4 tank of gas when ending your booking

Report Damage

Always do a quick circle check and send us a report of any vehicle damage, low gas, or cleanliness issues. You are our eyes on the ground level so we appreciate the heads up

Be Punctual

Remember that unlike rentals, carshare vehicles can be booked back to back. Being on time is crucial to making sure everyone gets to their destination on time.

No Smoking

Trust me – we will know! Smoking in our vehicles is against the law and comes with a hefty fine

Clean Up

The cleaning fairies visit our cars regularly but it is still important to make sure to dispose of all garbage and personal items before leaving the vehicle.

Sounds Easy? It is! Learn more with this Orientation Video