Corporate Memberships – Let us be your Fleet!

Business Travel? Done.

By joining as a Corporate Member of Community CarShare, your employees can enjoy the use of the co-op’s fleet, giving them the flexibility they need for work-related trips.

Good for Business:

  • Affordability

    Reduce underutilized fleet vehicles and access affordable rate plans

  • Convenience

    Growing availability along key transit routes, and maybe even at your site!

  • Efficiency

    Staff can leave their cars at home, reducing the demand on your parking lots

Great for Staff:

  • Flexibility

    Reservations can be made online or over the phone, 24/7

  • Convenience

    CarShare vehicles are located across town along main transit corridors, and if there’s enough interest, one could be located at your worksite!

  • Commuting choices

    Staff want to bike to work? Now they can!

Awesome for the Planet:

  • Cleaner air

    CarSharing helps reduce harmful tailpipe emissions

  • Better spaces

    CarSharing can reduce traffic, save parking space, and build better cities

  • Stronger communities

    CarSharing supports co-operative values and builds local capacity

CarShare Anywhere

Customized CarSharing to Meet Your Needs

CarShare Anywhere is Community CarShare’s program for community organizations, institutions, and businesses who want to implement carsharing on-site for developers, employees, clients, or other users.

By purchasing access to an on-site CarShare vehicle, you can take full advantage of the benefits of carsharing. Pay a monthly fee for service, and as driving revenue earned on your CarShare Anywhere vehicle increases, your monthly costs are reduced.



  • Reduce parking demand to decongest busy lots
  • Encourage the use of other active & sustainable modes, as a car is still available if needed
  • Eliminate or reduce per-km mileage reimbursement and associated administrative costs. With a Corporate Membership to accompany a CarShare Anywhere program, all company drivers are billed on one invoice.
  • Vehicles are named after the program partner in the co-op’s reservation system and online maps.
  • Manage your employees and serve your clients – we take care of maintaining the vehicle
  • The community helps pay the bill – driving by members outside your organization also contributes to reducing or eliminating your monthly fee. Share in the earned revenue when the base monthly fee is surpassed.
  • Receive up to 3 points toward LEED SS Credit 4.3: Alternative Transportation – Low Emitting and Fuel-Efficient Vehicles.

CarShare Anywhere contracts are available for customization to suit the needs of both local providers as well as a developer model. For more information on contract terms and pricing contact staff today!

Our Corporate Members