Hey Members! We know it’s easy to get a little rusty on all the information we give you, so here is a quick recap. If there is anything you’d like to see on this list let us know at info @ communitycarshare.ca

How do I book?

We have a 24/7 answering service to make sure that members always have someone to call if there is an issue with their booking. The number for the reservation line is conveniently on the back of your smart card. If you are having any issues during a trip always give them a call; an on-call staff person is also available through the answering service.

Why Did I get a Fine?

In order to run smoothly when sharing a vehicles among the community there are general rules all members must follow. Neglecting the rules of use can result in a fine so be sure to check out our Member Manual.

General tips to remember here:

  • Always leave the tank at 1/4 of a tank or more when returning the vehicle
  • Make sure to turn off all lights and remove the keys to avoid draining the battery
  • If you are running late make sure to call our reservation line to make arrangements in case another member has the car after you
  • Roll up the windows
  • Lock the doors with your smart card instead of the automatic locks

How Do I Pay for Gas?

Please use the gas cards in the vehicles while at Esso and Petro-Canada. The pin codes are located on the communication unit. If you can’t use a card, that’s okay, Community CarShare reimburses all gas payments, please submit your receipt to us via email or mail for a credit to your account.

I think I left something in the car, how do I get it back?

Sometimes things get left behind – we understand! Instead of having a collective lost and found in our offices we offer what we call a ‘lost and found’ booking. Simply create yourself a 30 minute booking on the car with your lost item. As long as you do not drive, and the interval booked is exactly 30 minutes, Engage will automatically not charge you for retrieving your item.

Something is wrong, how do I report it?

If it’s an urgent issue, please call to report.

Otherwise, please let us know if you encounter the following through ‘Vehicle Notes’ on your booking:

  • low gas
  • lights on
  • messy car
  • pet hair in pet free vehicles
  • smoke smells
  • any damage visible from your circle checks

Reporting is a helpful tool that helps us keep the vehicles in the best shape possible.

Join the Damage Pool for extra peace of mind

All members are covered by our insurance and are responsible for a $500 deductible in the case of an at-fault accident. If you want extra peace of mind, we offer a $60/year Damage Pool that will cover that deductible amount should you need it.

How do I quit?

Quitting your membership must be done in writing. There is an online form to make that easier for you – check it out here.