Helping to ending mental health stigma, one step at a time

By Janet MacLeod, Executive Director A culture of stigma around mental health issues is not something you will find amongst Community CarShare’s staff team. Instead, we embrace talking about our mental health, and recognize it’s just as important a consideration as physical health to employee wellbeing. This evolution of a supportive mental health culture started […]

What did Green Venture do when their van broke down?

Corporate Member Spotlight – Green Venture Green Venture is Hamilton’s premiere environmental outreach organization, specializing in school tours, urban gardening, and educational outreach to make Hamilton and surrounding areas a great place to live, work and play sustainably. The relationship between Green Venture and Community CarShare is a match made in eco-friendly heaven, it just […]

Consciously car-free: Come share in the freedom!

By: Ashley Keenan There is no denying we have created a vehicle centered culture. Cities are built around car ownership, and decades of marketing have convinced us that not only do we want to own personal automobiles but we feel we need them. As teenagers we lusted after car ownership, in adulthood we associate it […]