Let’s be real for a minute; the whole chocolate, flowers and a scheduled seating with a prix fixe restaurant menu is a tad overdone. Whether you and your S.O. are new lovebirds or seasoned V-day veterans there is something to be said for blazing your own trail! So if you are on a budget, hate the crowds, or are just looking for something outside the box this Valentine’s Day – check out these five thrifty date night ideas that won’t break the bank.

1.  Couples Yoga

Typically, yoga is an individual practice but there can be added benefits to doing it with another person. Couples yoga uses the power of touch to promote communication, deepen intimacy and create a shared experience on a physical level. There is an increased connection when you share in breathing exercises and mutual poses that will get your heart rates going and start your Valentines day off right.

2. Volunteer Together

If you are looking to try something different this year, try doing something selfless with your partner. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen, or help sort donations at your favourite food bank. Participating in an activity that gives back to the community will help you see your spouse in a different light, as well as giving you the emotional satisfaction of helping those in need.

3. Head Outside and Enjoy Winter

It can be difficult to want to bundle up and head out in to the winter weather this time of year but there are a variety of great winter activities to enjoy. Whether you go out chasing (frozen) waterfalls, cross-country skiing, or simply head to a skating rink, winter exercise can increase your endorphin levels which is good for fighting those winter blues. When you get home,  hop under a blanket with a hot chocolate to warm up!

4. Make it a Double – Date that is!

This one is for you social butterflies! Invite your favourite couple over for dinner, or make it a pot luck if you aren’t into hosting. Socializing helps you see your partner in a new light, as they act differently in a group setting. Studies show having couple friends help build stronger relationships and deepen emotional intimacy. Bonus factor – alone time after the fact will feel extra special and add a level of anticipation to the evening.

5. Netflix and Chill

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of doing nothing! Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday this year, and hump-day jokes aside, it can be taxing to brave the world on a weeknight. That doesn’t need to mean that staying in can’t come with a healthy helping of romance. Order take-out, put on something comfy (or scandalous if that’s more your style), and watch your favourite movie or show from the comfort of your home.

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