Bike to Work Day – May 30th

On May 30th our Community CarShare staff attended Bike to Work Day at Hamilton City Hall and Cambridge City Hall to promote sustainable transportation. There are many modes of transportation in any city – buses, vehicles, bikes, walking, rollerblading etc – and it is so important to utilize multiple modes to create complete, sustainable trips!

We had a great time talking to members, potential members and cycling enthusiasts.


Community CarShare is Coming to Cambridge!

Great news! Community CarShare and the City of Cambridge are celebrating the launch of two CarShare vehicles on Mon. May 16, 2016. The City of Cambridge is providing support for the two vehicles, which will both be stationed near Cambridge City Hall, and provide an alternative transportation option for residents, as well as City employees. Community CarShare now offers service in Kitchener-Waterlooo, Hamilton, Burlington, London, Guelph, St. Catharines, Elmira, and Cambridge!

We would be glad to have you attend our launch event. Here are some more details:

What: Community CarShare and the City of Cambridge will launch two CarShare vehicles.
When: Mon. May 16, 2016, 11am-12pm
Where: Civic Square Parking Lot with reception to follow in the Bowman Room, 1st Floor, Cambridge City Hall, 50 Dickson St., Cambridge.

The first two vehicles in our Cambridge fleet are the Toyota Prius C, but we’re not content to stop there. We’ve already secured parking in many other areas of Cambridge, and we encourage anyone who is interested to apply so we can start quickly on expanding the fleet.cambridge

New Rates coming in June 2016

Community CarShare is changing some of our rates effective June 1, 2016. For a more detailed breakdown click here; but check out the highlights below!

Rate changes are a necessary part of growing a healthy and successful business; we ran several data analyses to make sure the increase would be able to support the financial sustainability of the co-op, while providing the same low rates that our members love.

The Highlights:

  • Hourly rates are only going up by 50¢/hour and per km rates are going down! (we know the km cost was a point of interest for many members so we worked hard to bring that cost to you down)
  • Monthly Membership fees will not change
  • For most members (75%), the changes will result in a billing increase of no more that $10/month (based on usage data from the past year).
  • Change to booking increments: now 15 minutes! – This was a huge step for reducing member costs by allowing you more control over reservation times

The Changes:

For all plans (except Corporate Distance Plan):

  • per km rate reduced from 30¢/km to 25¢/km
  • all hourly rates increased by $0.50/hr
  • number of initial hours changing from 4 hours to 5 hours

For Corporate Distance Plan:

  • per km rate increasing to 46¢/km from 44¢/km
  • minimum kms/hour billed increasing to 16/hr from 15/hr

Quantum Changes:

  • Introducing a new flat rate for booking Quantum reservations – $7.50 per booking
  • Most members will save money on this flat rate as opposed to the former $2/hour fee

The Wrap-Up:

When rates change it is important to make sure you on the monthly plan that best suits your driving needs. If you need any clarification on the changes or what plan you should be on give us a call at 1-855-742-7399 and we will help you figure it out!

We’re back at Breithaupt Block!

Last fall, we let you know that the station at Breithaupt Block was becoming part of the co-op’s Quantum Station Program. Thanks to your resounding feedback and support this station has been upgraded to a full-time station!

As of May 1, 2016 a brand new, vibrant red Prius C Hybrid is now at the Breithaupt Block in Kitchener! And that’s just the beginning, we’ll be adding 14 new vehicles over the next several weeks.

Be sure to check out what new cars we are rolling out in our seven service areas over the next few months or sign up for our newsletter to stay on top of the exciting changes happening at Community CarShare.



Stinson Returns!

Last fall, we let you know that unfortunately we lost our parking spot at Stinson School. We have been working hard to get back into that neighbourhood to serve our members better.

Thanks to the City of Hamilton, we’re excited to announce our return to the neighbourhood at Central Memorial Recreation Centre as of May 1, 2016.

There is a lovely, new, black Toyota Prius C stationed at 93 West Avenue S. If you’re unfamiliar with the building, it’s near Stinson and Victoria, by the Claremont Access.

Members – until the sign is installed please park in the centre of the lot closest to the road. Our sign will be up shortly to indicate the proper spot.Cropped 91

It’s Mystery Prize Time!

Attention Members!

Over the next two months we will be doing a promotion just for you! For each of our service wholesale jerseys areas, we will be hiding prizes in vehicles for you to find!

Excited? We are too! Mystery prize image

Our members are what makes Community CarShare the organization is it today and we wanted to reward 《圆觉经》–《大方广圆觉修多罗了义经》原文 you in a fun and engaging way.

Prizes will be geared towards businesses and activities specific Century to your region – check back regularly to see if your city is next!

Contest Rules:

  • Prizes are determined and placed in vehicles at the discretion of Community CarShare
  • Prizes are claimed cheap Cleveland Browns jerseys by the first person to locate them during their reservation
  • All prizes will be located in the glove box wholesale MLB jerseys unless otherwise notified
  • Winners must contact Community CarShare to share their good fortune either by phone, email or by posting a selfie with their prize to our Facebook page

This week – wholesale MLB jerseys HAMILTON Everyone! we are cheap nfl jerseys looking at you!

On Wednesday March 15th Frohe we will place a prize in one of the cars in Hamilton. We picked our prize based on your feedback from the Member Benefits Survey – we know you will LOVE it!

CarSharing is for Everyone!

You’ve thought about it; seen the cars around town and had the thought – “Is CarSharing for Me?” With trends leaning towards delaying car ownership and a shared economy, many people are considering alternatives to a once standard practice of purchasing a car as soon as possible. Carsharing allows people to enjoy all of the positives of having a car on hand but without the hassle, pollution or financial burden of owning your own. So who would benefit from carsharing – who is ‘everyone’?


It can be hard to find viable options when you are a student! You need access to a car for errands, visiting home, road trips with your friends, shopping across the border and more! But owning a car is expensive, and traditional car rental agencies won’t rent to you if you’re under 21 and they require a credit card.

Community CarShare can accept drivers ages 18-21 and those with a G2 license. Many of our vehicles are located on or near campuses, so it couldn’t be easier! You can also sign up without a credit card.

International Drivers:

In order to be eligible for Community CarShare you need two years of consecutive driving experience – but they don’t have to be in Ontario! We are very excited that we are now able to accept driving history from other provinces and countries. Applications are case by case and require proof of driving history.  


During retirement many members find their driving needs change; they don’t have to go to work daily but still enjoy a car for errands, appointments and recreation. Carsharing is a great opportunity for those who don’t need a car on a daily basis – there is less stress, financial strain and maintenance. We take care of everything for you! Check out one of our senior members explaining how CarSharing helped him here.

One Car Households:

Have more drivers than cars in your household? Is sharing a car at home a point of tension? Sometimes there are those evenings where that one extra vehicle would save you time and stress, and we have an extra 62 vehicles waiting for you and your family! Our household accounts allow families to share the cost and privileges of membership, while allowing affordable access to vehicles on occasions where one car just isn’t enough.

Local Businesses

Whether a small business or a larger corporation, managing staff travel can be expensive and time consuming. Instead of requiring employees to own cars and reimbursing for mileage expense, simply sign up as a Corporate Member! As a member, you and your colleagues have access to a variety of vehicle sizes and capacities, as well as multiple locations around the city to use. You can even call us to arrange a CarShare Anywhere vehicle at your front door! Carsharing is easy on the books, practical for the budget, and supports the local non-profit economy.

Is your use not listed? Or still not sure if carsharing is for you? Give us a call! We’re always happy to help anyone learn more about how carsharing is right for you. wholesale jerseys  

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