Just in case you haven’t heard, Community CarShare is growing in Guelph! This June two new cars were added in the Ward/Two Rivers Neighbourhood. We’re excited to announce a new Toyota Prius C located at the Metalworks Development at 53 Arthur Street. As well, we’ve also added a Toyota Tacoma Pick Up Truck at 71 Wyndham Street South, in partnership with Diyode Maker Space.

So far our members in the Ward are loving the new Prius closer to them! We’d love to show the vehicle in it’s parking space (it’s brand new) but it’s actually located inside the parking garage. This is some extra good news because in the winter, we’re guessing this will be an even more popular location (no fumbling for your smart card in the cold, less ice/snow to remove as well!)

Next came the Toyota Tacoma Pick Up Truck. If you need to move something big, this is definitely the way for you to go. We even have a new casual plan which is great for someone who needs a truck 2-3 times a year. Did we mention that we launched this vehicle with Diyode Maker Space? Read on to see how we made this new vehicle launch extra special.


No Community CarShare launch event is complete without some of our local members. A few of them really enjoyed seeing the new truck!

We were so excited about the new truck that we decided to get a cake! Did we mention that every time we reach a major milestone we get a cake? Some people might call this Community CakeShare.

We were having so much fun at the launch, someone said, “hey! we should put the cake on the hood of the truck!” We placed it there, very carefully, for this photo.

Thanks to all of our members and everyone from Diyode for making the launch a success!

By Heather Bigelow

Climate Action Waterloo Region has just released its progress report on emissions in the region, and as your favourite local sustainable transportation provider, we can’t help but weigh in! Climate Action WR, headed up by Sustainable Waterloo Region and Reep Green Solutions, works with local action owners—including Community CarShare—to reduce the region’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across five focus areas: transportation, workplaces, homes, agriculture, and waste. The target is to reduce Waterloo Region’s GHG levels to six per cent below 2010 levels by 2020.

So how is Waterloo Region doing? Overall we’re on track to meet the target, however most of the reductions to date have come from the provincial phase out of coal-fired power plants. Without that phase out, our emissions would have actually gone up by 4.4 per cent. The five-year check-in report was released last week, and is full of awesome infographics.

Near and dear to our hearts at Community CarShare is the transportation component. And the results in this area are not so great. Transportation-related emissions have actually gone up five per cent since 2010. And new vehicles have hit the road at twice the rate of population growth, which means that some people living without cars in 2010 now own cars. As of 2015, transportation is responsible for half of the total GHG emissions in Waterloo Region. Reversing this trend and achieving the target is going to take action from all of us.

One tangible way to reduce your carbon footprint is by joining Community CarShare. Studies show that joining a carshare leads to decreased driving, since it makes you more conscious of your vehicle usage and helps you select the best mode of transportation for your trip. To help with those choices, your Community CarShare membership also gives you access to discounts on GRT passes.

If you’re already a member and still own a car, consider if the time is right to finally let it go. You can sign up all the drivers in your household on your existing account, and share the monthly plan fee. From now until the end of June, if you sign up an additional driver to your household account, the registration fee is 50 per cent off when you use the promocode TARGET6%.

If you’d like to find out more about Climate Action Waterloo Region and how you can get involved, you’re invited to their community engagement kick-off event, being held on Thurs. June 22, from 5pm-7pm at The Tannery. All the details can be found here.

by Matthew Piggott

If you’re like me, you spend your day trying to figure out how to make carsharing more awesome for everyone who wants to join. OK, let’s be honest, if you’re reading this your typical day is probably not similar to mine. Nevertheless, we’ve recently been successful in getting some important wins for our members (and future members) that I just can’t wait to share with you.

No more ‘less experienced driver’ fees!

A few years ago, Community CarShare took a big step forward when those under 21 and/or with a G2 license were allowed to join and be covered on our insurance policy. The catch? Less experienced drivers were considered higher risk and so we were forced to charge those drivers an extra fee of $10/month.

I’m now pleased to report that this fee is gone! That’s a savings of $120/year we’re very glad to pass on to our members as of the June 2017 billing cycle.

If you’re under 21 and/or have a G2 license and were previously turned off by the extra the fee, now’s the time to give Community CarShare a second look.

Can you say cheaper kms?

If you’ve looked into our rates before, you’ll know that we charge $0.25/km, which is a pretty good deal already, given that our rates have gas and insurance included. But could it get better? Yes, yes it could!

We crunched the numbers and decided that it made sense to charge less per km on trips longer than 250 kms. Any kms driven over the first 250 on any booking will now only cost $0.15. (The first 250 kms still cost $0.25)

Can you say road trip in the CarShare?

Licensing requirements that actually make sense

Picture this: you’re a young driver, or someone who has recently obtained their G1 license, and you successfully get your G2 within eight to twelve months, giving you a year of driving experience. Previously, to become a CarShare member you needed two years of driving experience to join, so we generally couldn’t accept brand new G2 drivers.

Now, things work much better. You can apply with one year’s worth of driving experience and become a member of Community CarShare. Any licensed period counts towards that 1 year, even the time in which you had your G1. This opens up carsharing as an opportunity for new drivers like never before.

There’s another group of people this will also help, those with an international license. You can use your out of province/country licensing to join Community CarShare, or even combine your Ontario license with previous experience in another country in order to join. There are a few conditions for out of country applicants, however we rarely have to turn anyone down. Contact us to begin the application process if you have an out-of-country license, or if you have any questions.

So, let’s recap:

  • No more $10/month fee for less experienced drivers
  • Additional kms (any over the first 250 driven) now cost $0.15
  • You only need one year of licensing experience to join

Sound good? It also makes sense to review our FAQs before you apply. Check it out, and I look forward to welcoming more of you as members this summer!