How did Drew Ripley get his business off the ground? With CarShare of course!

Drew got his start with Community CarShare

Drew got his start with Community CarShare

“When I was starting out with my business (Drew Ripley Entertainment) Community CarShare was essential to making it happen. At the very beginning, I only occasionally needed a car, and if I had been tied down with car payments in that early stages I never would have been able to start. CarShare gave me the freedom to start a business without the upfront investment of car ownership.

Over time my business grew. I had more regular gigs and work trips where often taking me longer distances (300 km+). I could now justify owning my own vehicle, and I purchased the most efficient vehicle that would cover 80% of my trips. CarShare still stayed played a part of my business because the remaining 20% of my trips needed a larger van. This meant I could risk expansion while keeping my costs low.

The business continues to grow. I’m established, and I’ve actually hired on staff to assist. As we grow, so does our CarShare use. They offer both personal and corporate memberships, and as a small business owner I can easily track trips and easily divide out what is personal, and what is business (helps a lot a tax time!)”

Give the Gift of CarSharing!



Seasons greeting members and future CarShare members.

Winter and the holiday season are fast approaching and now it’s time to consider that special person on your gift list.  Whether you’re making a planned (or unplanned) transportation switch in the New Year, or if you or someone you know just needs a new set of wheels, Community CarShare has a great fleet of vehicles for all your needs. We’ve even got a special Holiday deal to help you spread the gift of CarSharing.

Here’s the offer:
For new members:
Purchase a new driving membership which includes the member deposit, application fee, and $55 in driving credit ($98.90 value) for only $60! That’s a savings of almost 40%.

For existing members:
Are you an existing member and looking for a way for someone to give you a gift as well? You can also buy driving credit as a gift, or even arrange a surprise gift of driving credit for an existing member.  Purchases over $100 will receive a bonus amount added of 10%, up to a maximum of $500.

Your last day to get the deal and set yourself up for the new year is December 31st, 2016 so act now!
(Edit: this promotion has now closed, please contact us for our latest offers)

Got more questions? Get in touch and we’d be glad to help you out. If you haven’t looked into us lately we have new cars, new locations, better rates, and even an awesome program where we deliver the car to you.